sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

Hi Chris

Os dejo por aquí un pequeño relato que hizo mi padre hace un tiempo para la escuela de idiomas y que me parece interesante. Ademas empiezo con una nueva sección llamada, Relatos Breves, en el que está claro que voy a escribir.

When Chris saw the car parked outside his house, his heart started beating faster, it was a hearse. But it wasn’t one of those which he had seen by chance many times before. This one had something unusual and terrible: six men in black suits were coming out of his house. He then realized something that made his body tremble. He knew those men; they were his elder son, his brother, his cousin, and his three best friends. They were carrying a dark coffin and, walking behind them, was his wife.

Little by little he began to hear a heart beating slower than his, and started to calm down, he was floating weightless in a warm sea and he was falling into a deep sleep. She suddenly woke up, still floating in that warm water, because something was pushing her body and pulling her head. Immediately she saw a blinding brightness and felt cold, but above all, what frightened her most was that she could no longer hear those heartbeats that had so comforted her before. At once she felt a smooth warm skin touching her cheek and heard the reassuring heartbeat again.

- Look John! She’s the most beautiful baby in the world. Isn’t she?
- Yes, my darling! She looks like her mother.
- Hello Chris! I’m daddy!

By Salvador Ruiz

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